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Written text is the best way to convey information. This is still valid even though the internet is full of spectacular graphics and roads are bordered with billboards of smiling and scantily dressed models. Attractiveness attracts, but it is up to the content to retain the attention.

For this reason, everyone should pay due care to their written materials. Written text should be free of grammatical mistakes and language discrepancies. This advantage is gained through the proper Proofreading.

Everything that has been said holds true in English but also in Czech. Do you need to address customers in the Czech Republic? Try our Translation skills.

We cherish your reputation

No matter what the content and aims of your texts are, it is important to realise that the most precious value is at stake – the repute of your name, product, brand, company, in other words your repute.

We offer you a helping hand in building and sustaining your good reputation.

Why us?

  • We guarantee quality.

    With every mistake you discover, we lower the price of your order by 10 %.

  • We keep to the term.

    For each day of delay after the due date, we lower the price of your order by 10 %.

  • We're human.

    We value and respect good manners.


Czech Language – has to be right to sound right

Czech is a well-developed and flowery language that can express all your ideas. It can differentiate the finest shades of meaning. However, there are tools in Czech that can, when not used correctly, utterly change the intended message. Don't let this happen to you. Address your customers, Czech authorities or commercial partners using language that is clean of mistakes, easily comprehensible and representing that you mean business.

We offer two types of proofreading:

1) Correcting grammar and spelling

In this type of proofreading, we focus on grammatical flaws. These include the right usage of capital letters; correct declension and inflection of words; concord between subject and verb; tricky double letters; and sentence punctuation, especially commas in Czech compound/complex sentences. We also deal with the speciality of Czech language, which is the difference of i/y in various words.

2) Correcting stylistic imperfections (grammar and spelling included)

This proofreading contains correcting grammatical and spelling mistakes. In addition, we focus on clumsy formulations and stylistic faults such as:

  • Excessive usage of a word (this makes Czech sound very unnatural and awkward);
  • Use of inappropriate words in a given style;
  • Confusing or unclear use of relative pronouns and conjunctions;
  • Use of false sentence constructions – anacoluthon, zeugma;
  • And other defects that degrade the text.

If you wish to make the right impression with your texts, let us make them sound right; order your proofreading now.

Both proofreading types include the correction of basic deviations against typography, such as a missing space after punctuation mark, one-letter word at the end of a line, etc.


Text-pilot – Your connection with the world of the Czech language

We are here to help you come across the language gap and deliver your thoughts from English to perfect Czech. Or if you need it the other way round, we are fine with that too. We treasure our mother tongue, while having a passionate relationship with English at the same time.

For us, translation is a highly sophisticated process. This is the way we do it:

  • Before we start the actual translating, we analyse the source text and learn its function and aim.

    The guaranteed method how to create a wrong translation is to translate from sentence to sentence without knowing the broader context of the whole text.

  • During the second reading, we focus on details.

    After we have understood the whole text, it is important to uncover fine semantic differences.

  • In accordance with the function and aim of the text, we choose the appropriate style.

    Because there is a difference between the language of instruction manuals, promotional texts, and a contract of purchase.

  • Finally we create the factual image of the original writing in the target language.

    Not an awkward text, but clear and high-quality writing.

  • After we have finished the translation, we proofread it and make sure that it sounds naturally.

    With the “secret” method of reading aloud, we reveal weak points of the translation and rewrite them.

The result of this process is a naturally sounding text of the target language, which keeps all the meanings of the original.

We offer these translations:

Translations in both directions (English ↔ Czech):

  • Promotional texts;
  • Instruction manuals;
  • Business correspondence;
  • Technical as well as humanistic texts;
  • Web site localisations.

Translation from English to Czech only:

  • Legal documents;
  • Contracts;
  • Terms and Conditions, etc.

The reason for the one-way translation of this type of documents is our conviction that only a native speaker of English is able to accurately and unequivocally translate legal documents into English.

Are you interested in a different kind of translation?

Do you need to translate a type of text that you were unable to find in our list? Please send us an example of your text and we will inform you whether we are able to create a high-quality translation of your text.

Who translates your texts?

A single person, Daniel Maslovský, takes care of your translations. This brings several advantages:

  • Cohesive terminology and style of your translation.

  • You communicate directly with the translator.

    If the translator finds out an inconsistency in the source text, he can contact you and secure accurate translation, or propose a modification. The quality of the translation but also the source text becomes even higher.

  • You can rest assured that your translation will not end in the hands of a third party.

    Big translation agencies often assign translations to less skilled anonymous translators. Furthermore, with us you do not pay for the mediation process, only for the translation itself.

If a translator is supposed to do an outstanding job, they have to be rested and fully focused. On this ground, the reasonable amount of work we provide is set to five standard pages per day.

If you would like to know more, ask us. We will be pleased to share our knowledge with you.

If you know all the necessary information, order your translation right away.




Price is based on the length of the corrected text – number of standard pages (1 SP equals 1,800 characters with spacing).

In case the client provides the text in an uneditable format (See Terms & Conditions), an additional fee for rewriting is charged.

Type of proofreading 1–10 SPs over 10 SPs
Grammar 80 CZK 70 CZK
Stylistic 120 CZK 100 CZK


Price is based on the length of the translated text – number of standard pages (1 SP equals 1,800 characters with spacing).

Type of translation 1–10 SPs over 10 SPs
Common and specialist text 440 CZK 400 CZK
Legal text 600 CZK 500 CZK


Currently, we apply these surcharges.

Type of surcharge Surcharge
For working during weekends and holidays 40 %
For express translations/proofreading by prior agreement

Price Calculator

Calculated price is a non-binding estimate only.


Terms & Conditions

You can download the Terms & Conditions in one of the following formats: pdf; doc; txt.

Legal validity

These Terms & Conditions are valid from 1st September 2010. These Terms & Conditions also end the validity of any previous Terms & Conditions.

1. Ordering

Clients make their orders by sending an e-mail to info@text-pilot.cz, in which they stipulate their requirements (ordering proofreading or translation). The e-mail will have attached the text to be translated or proofread.

Additionally, the e-mail must include the following information:

  • Name and surname of the client
  • Invoicing information: either 1) name, address, identification number and tax identification number of the legal entity; or 2) name and address of the natural person (+ identification number for sole traders)

Contact form at www.text-pilot.cz can also be used to order a proofreading or translation.

In case of further orders, there is no need to include invoicing information again (unless the information has changed).

By using one of the above-mentioned methods to order proofreading or translation, the client agrees with these Terms & Conditions in their full wording.

2. Confirming the order

If the order is missing any of the above-mentioned necessities, we will ask the customer for completion. When everything is in order, we will send you a confirming e-mail with a price estimate and the completion date of your order. At this moment, contractual relation between the customer and Text-pilot comes into existence.

3. Contractual relation

3.1. Proofreading

The subject of this contractual relation is to carry out the proofreading of a sent text in Czech. Proofreading includes correcting grammar, spelling or stylistic flaws.

3.2. Translation

The subject of this contractual relation is to carry out the translation of a sent text according to the requirements stipulated by client in the order.

4. Manner of work

4.1. Proofreading

Corrections are made straight into the sent text-file of such format that is supported by the individual programmes of Microsoft Office or OpenOffice.org.

In case of a file that cannot be directly modified (such as pictures or PDF files protected against modifying), we rewrite the text into any file format that is supported by the above-mentioned programmes. The format can be chosen by the customer. This service is provided with an additional charge in accordance with the price list at www.text-pilot.cz valid at the given time.

4.2. Translation

The translation will be made into a file-format that is supported by the individual programmes of Microsoft Office or OpenOffice.org. The format can be chosen by the customer. Graphical materials can also be part of the translated text.

5. Pricing

Prices (including discounts and additional charges) are governed by the price list at www.text-pilot.cz valid at the given time. The price of proofreading and translations is based on the length of the text - number of standard pages (1 SP equals 1,800 characters with spacing) that is rounded to the nearest hundredth (e.g. 12.8543 becomes 12.85). In both cases, the number of standard pages is arrived at from the resulting text, i.e. the translated or corrected text. The minimum price of any order equals 1 standard page of the given service.

We are a non-VAT payer; all the prices in the price list at www.text-pilot.cz are therefore final.

6. Method of payment

Client pays for all services retrospectively, on the basis of a corresponding issued invoice. All payments are carried out via bank transfers to the account no. 211444541/0300 (information needed for an international payment is listed in the invoice). The payment must be made out with a corresponding variable symbol (payment identification number), which is also listed in the invoice.

The due date of all invoices is 7 calendar days from the date the invoice was issued. The date of issue corresponds with the date of finishing and handing over the complete work (proofreading, translation). In case of the delay of payment, an extra charge of 0.5 % of the outstanding sum will be charged for each and every calendar day of the delay.

7. Confidence guarantee

All materials provided by the customer relating to the work are considered strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to a third party.

8. Quality guarantee

If the client finds out any mistakes in the completed work in 10 calendar days from the reception of the work, they have a right to lodge a claim. The complaint must be carried out in written form. The client must give the invoice number of the respective order, reason for the complaint and an exact description of the mistakes found. The complaint will be settled in 10 calendar days after its reception. In case of a justifiable complaint, 10 % of the total sum will be returned to the client for each mistake found, up to the total amount of 100 %.

Considering translations to English, we are not liable for small grammatical errors. Their corrections should always be entrusted to a native speaker. However, we do stand up for the high quality of our translations, and 10 % of the total sum will be returned to the client for each semantic difference from the original that the client founds, up to the total amount of 100 %.

We are not liable for consequential damages of any kind that arise for the client in connection with incorrect translations or proofreading.

We are not liable for errors that arose from inaccurate or illegible parts in the source texts.

If the client has got any specific requirements for the used terminology or their own abbreviations and/or expressions, they are obliged to supplement the glossary of such language elements. If they fail to do so, they will have no right to lodge any claim regarding these requirements.

Deadlines that were agreed upon are strictly binding for us. If we are delayed due to some unpredictable circumstances, the price of the order will be lowered by 10 % for every calendar day of the delay.

9. Order cancellation

In case the client cancels the order during the time it is being completed or before its acceptance, they are obligated to pay the verifiable costs that have emerged from its partial or total completion.

10. English version of Terms & Conditions

This is the English version of Terms & Conditions. In case of any disputes over its wording, it is surpassed by the original Czech version found at www.text-pilot.cz.



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